Terms and conditions


A quotation will be supplied and approved before work can commence unless otherwise agreed.

We estimate the cost of the work involved with a set amount of changes and amendments. If the number of changes is exceeded then we will charge an additional amount accordingly.

All work undertaken at the client’s request including that of a preliminary nature which is chargeable to the client.



The client is welcome to request the final artwork files. We charge 15% of the total project for the release and 
collation of this artwork unless otherwise agreed prior to the commencement of the work.

This does not include any and all preliminary designs and concepts that are not used in the production of the final design and Conker Design Ltd retain full rights and ownership to these. This also excludes third party assets and images. All artwork is the copyright of Conker Design Ltd until full and final payment is received.

On larger longer-term projects and at Conker Design Ltd’s discretion, we may request pro forma payment or that 
payments be split with a proforma, an interim and a final payment upon delivery.



Production costs may vary and any quotation is subject to increase at any time after the acceptance of the 
quotation, which may be due to factors beyond Conker designs control. All cancellations must be made in writing. Unless otherwise stated all prices are exclusive of VAT.



Proofs are provided for the client’s final approval. No liability or responsibility will be accepted by Conker Design Ltd for any errors not corrected by the client after approval of proofs, or if the client declines to inspect such proofs.


Conker can not be held accountable for third party delivery services. We will monitor and track progress on the client’s behalf but are not liable for circumstances beyond their control.



Payment is to be made promptly on receipt of invoice within 30 days.
If there is a failure to pay within the 30-day term, Conker Design Ltd has the right to charge an additional 4% per day of the total project amount.